Media Ignores ADEA’s 50th Anniversary. Surprised?

paperboyHere are the results of a Google search of media outlets for news articles on the 50th anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), the federal law  that  prohibits consideration of age as a factor in hiring and employment. The search was conducted on mid-day Friday, the very day that Congress passed the ADEA 50 years ago.

December15, 2017

When the full name of the ADEA was spelled out, there was one result – a link to a 21-hour old video message by EEOC Acting Chair Victoria Lipnic.

In short, the 50th anniversary of the ADEA went uncelebrated and ignored by the major media in the United States, which should not come as a complete surprise. Continue reading “Media Ignores ADEA’s 50th Anniversary. Surprised?”

The Fourth Dimension – More Ageism in the Media

fish-and-chipsA  column by Jim Tankersley in The Washington Post claims the Baby Boomer generation is responsible for America’s woes, from the federal debt to climate change. .

A video on the web site shows two fat white boomers sipping Merlot and noshing  peanuts, with the tagline, “Baby boomers pillaged our economy. They should help fix it.”  Tankersley advocates cutting Social Security for retirees.

“Politicians shouldn’t be talking about holding that generation harmless. They should be asking how future workers can claw back some of the spoils that the “Me Generation” hoarded for itself,” writes Tankersley.

 The Fourth Estate or the Fourth Dimension?

There is no acknowledgement that.America’s tax and political structure benefits the obscenely wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Research shows that boomers are affected by wealth inequality, just like everyone else.  Moreover, boomers lost houses and savings during the Great Recession, brought on by unregulated Wall Street bankers and financiers who plundered the middle class without consequence.

Boomers today suffer from chronic long-term unemployment and epidemic age discrimination hiring. Should we blame millennials for refusing to hire older workres – or a federal government that has abdicated its responsibility to insure equal justice for all? Continue reading “The Fourth Dimension – More Ageism in the Media”