Union: EEOC Should fill “Desperately Needed” Front Line Positions

The U.S. Congress has given the EEOC  an additional $15 million for 2018 and the union that represents EEOC employees has some ideas about how the money should be spent.

The American Federation of Government Employees’ (AFGE) National Council of EEOC Locals (Council 216) this week urged the EEOC to spend the money “to ensure desperately needed front-line assistance for the public.”

Meanwhile, acting EEOC Chairperson Victoria Lipnic said the commission has set aside funds to hire six additional attorney-examiners and is”committed to ensuring that our approved positions are up to date and to updating our agency’s succession plan to ensure that our staff is well-equipped and poised for the future.” Continue reading “Union: EEOC Should fill “Desperately Needed” Front Line Positions”