City accused of firing older women in bogus reorganizations

shooting-ducksThe city of Naples, FL, is facing a federal class action lawsuit for allegedly targeting female employees over the age of 40 for termination in bogus “reduction in force” or “reorganization” schemes.

According to the lawsuit, Naples has used the pretext of layoffs and departmental reorganizations to get rid of older female employees for at least four years. The lawsuit was filed by three veteran female employees, all in their 50s, who worked for the city’s building department.

According to the lawsuit, older female employees  are told their positions are being eliminated and  then presented with a severance agreement that gives them the option to “retire” or be involuntarily separated from the job. Younger, less qualified workers are hired to take their place.

The lawsuit alleges the so-called reductions in force were a pretext for sex and age discrimination.

The lawsuit,  filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Fort Myers Division, is Orstad, Fabrini and Kateley v. City of Naples, Florida.

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